Boarding Services

Our cat and dog boarding service is conveniently located in our West Knoxville office. We care for your pet the way you would! We strive to make each animal guest feel loved and cared for while their owner is away.

Dog facilities include indoor climate controlled individual lodging (can share from the same household, if requested), activity/potty times three times a day and attentive staff to monitor your pet throughout their stay.

Cat facilities include indoor climate controlled individual lodging (can share from the same household, if requested). The kitties are in a separate area with their own kitty condos away from the activity of the practice.

0-25 lbs; $35
26-50 lbs $38
51-100 lbs $40
100+ lbs $45


All Cats $25

Medication charge $4 a day

Baths and Grooms Check for pricing

TLC Package    $6 a day
*The TLC Boarding Package includes an extra daily walk, cuddle/brush time and a 15-30 minute individualized play time which is usually in our outside off leash fenced play area.


Holiday Pickup $50
*Holiday pickup can be arranged at set times and must be pre-arranged. Holiday pickup and boarding are pre-paid and are non-refundable if animal is not picked up at arranged time.

Boarding Policy

Northshore Animal Hospital requires current Distemper combination (within one calendar year) and rabies vaccines on all boarding animals. Bordetella is also required for dogs. A fecal examination is required within one year. If your pet is not current or we do not have proof of vaccinations, these vaccines will be given and the expense will be part of your discharge invoice.

6/7/17 CANINE INFLUENZA (H3N2) vaccination is now required for all boarding and grooming dogs.

Personal items are welcome, we just ask that you keep them to a minimum and write your name on the pets belongings. All bedding must be able to be washed and cleaned in order to maintain hygiene. We do provide bedding and toys (unless animal can not have it within their lodging) so it is not a requirement to bring anything for your pet!

We feed a bland dog food which helps prevent upset stomach’s that can occur during boarding. If your pet is on a prescription diet or you would prefer them to stay on their food, please bring their diet with you. All internal and external parasites identified will be treated at the owner’s expense. If your pet becomes ill or if the state of your pet’s health otherwise requires medical attention, the doctors at Northshore Animal Hospital, in their discretion, will administer treatment deemed necessary for the health and safety of your pet. We will always attempt to contact the pet’s owner.

We reserve the right to refuse any pet that is not properly vaccinated or pets that are displaying signs of illness, parasites, or aggressive behavior.